November 17, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “Peace be to you. We have much to say and discuss. The difference you (m.) are picking up in energy is because we have with us a different group. We are ready to start the next phase that you (m) and Adriane (we like Aleel) are to take. (Aleel is her other name.) It will take thought and careful assembly, but it will then flow with more knowing.

     As you know, there is fast moving change in the world. It is surprising many people and they are either adjusting mentally and/or taking steps to accommodate the changes. This is important and those who step back or away will find themselves far behind. It is important that though you both have a pattern of channeling that works well you should not be surprised that it too will change. The format as it appears on site remains the same due to the amount of time required for change, but the messages will be in different patterns. Sometimes we will send quick messages, other times short ones and occasionally messages that have a type of code that will not be clear to all. This is intentional. There may be a few times when we intentionally leave ‘something’ out. You will find the answer between you, but it is to be published only if we give notice.” (a: Why?) “It is because it is an aspect that can be misused. Think on Blue.” (a: How can it be used in the wrong way if it is truth?) “Because you do not put unknown power into the hands of those who would have to practice or not practice at all. (a: Why is the information being given at all?) “Because we will speak in such a way that it is for the Higher Learners. (a: Then wouldn’t the ones who can accept and use higher knowledge benefit from our joined information?) “Yes and possibly align the word for more knowledgeable advancement.   We bring in another.”


     “Yes I am here and it is a pleasure to address you. This seems confusing so we will take another path on words. The world will, for a period of time, become a confusing place. This cannot be avoidable for a specific period of time. Listen well. I say to all who read – THIS IS THE TIME OF CHANGE. You cannot fight it without causing discord. There will be things you do not like, but there must be adjustment or else there will be many, much mental stress. During this time we want to be more careful in choice of words. This is why even in this beginning there is some confusion. The higher information, as you know, can be confusing and we do not want to add to that. Does that answer your question?” (a: Yes.) “We then begin.

     Light is taken for granted in its many forms, yet Light is seldom used except in modern terms. There is Light that Advanced Beings on Earth see, but it is not seen by others. There is often the statement “The Light Within”, yet it is seldom really understood. We want to bridge that gap. Listen well for INNER KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO OUTER KNOWLEDGE. If we say your Light is not shining or your Light is not working well, people would check their amps. We want to begin more awareness of the Light within and how to bring its knowing forward. We say first that most have no awareness. We are Beginning A New Stage On Earth and it is important that this Light become known.

     Most people are aware of their heart because of its importance in the body. It can be reached mentally. It was not meant to just be an organ for life and so we say – try for a few moments to just listen to your heart. Can you feel it, can you hear it, can you place your hand over it and sense there is a connection. These are simple, but it is like opening a door, it is a Link, it is a Connection. It is Awareness. As simple as this is, we place this as a new beginning and that is all I have to say.


     (a: I See an Indian Chief.) “Aleel, welcome, it is good to see your name. I was not what you call scheduled, but something drew me here. I see you, Marcia, and I see lives that you speak of – quite magnificent accomplishments from those times. Adriane, we need to take some major steps brought forward around the Sacred Fire. This will not be a one time action, but will follow the Path of Light that directs. We share the Light and the Wisdom brought forth in the Pow Wow Sacred Ceremonies. It is becoming the time when we Shake The Rattle that gives the Sound and Makes Announcements. Hear this: We gather soon in the Sacred Circle, each bringing his or her Wisdom and Light. Be prepared to join the circle and I mean both of you for I will return without fanfare. Be prepared and dance your song in your heart. I now go.



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