November 27, 2016

     “Hear me. Our specialty is aligning energies. This may make no sense, but it is invaluable to make sure that the power of energies are not crashing into each other. This also includes not causing turmoil on earth for there is enough of that already. We have had much interest in recent earth changes. This has not been evident in most cases except for the turbulence brought about by war and earthquakes. We can offer no advice at this time for the earth will reach out with what it has to say and reveal. We are also aware of the discord toward those who consider a section of the land sacred and are trying to protect it. It is difficult to hear of this, but we cannot take part at this time.

     You see how quickly the days are flying by. It is as was predicted. The taking of life has increased at an alarming rate. So you may ask or wonder ‘Why are you here?” It is a connection we make, a path to travel, a way to send informative help when needed. We are spreading our Light. What this means is we are linking to different areas. Then, at the proper time, the connections will be easy to open for leadership.

     This is a time of unevenness each day seemingly very different from previous ones. Links are being made though it may not seem like it at this time. I AM JOSEPH speaking. I seldom come with words, but I will bring words more often. Be At Peace.”



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