November 29, 2016

     “Listen well. The turmoil in the world is becoming more common and even the children are aware and fearful.   This is when steadiness is required. There may be times when you (and others) have to flow with the times. Re-adjustment is easier for some, but also difficult for many others. The sense of speed is coming forth. This requires balance and more determination than is commonly required. We will continue.”


November 30, 2016
    Marcia with Adriane

     “We are ready. We will return. We are making a circle. It is a large circle. It is surrounded by Blue. Prepare to listen to the inner voice. We speak differently and you will see and understand.” (m: A woman’s voice on the phone broke and interrupted the message. I asked “Whose voice” three times and then said you are breaking into the conversation. It stopped.) 

     “We meet to make progress today and we have a special view of that which we want to say. Come with us in spirit, but the words will come from us. We are assembled and we are knowledgeable on a large scale, an up to date scale. We have assembled from different directions. Hear this, those of you who can hear us for there are more than 2. We speak slowly for we have visitors and we are honoring them. Your timing allowed more to attend and we had previously made that a possibility, and so I begin.

     We bring forth knowledge. We hear from the Great Beyond and know that it is time to speak to be heard by many. The surface of the earth seems content until you hear of the earthquakes and the speed that fire moves even when it has been set by a human. The earth is unhappy, her cleanliness is being invaded. The awareness of its major self is not known, but many Light Workers are sensing an uneasiness. There is no name for it so it, in many cases, is discarded as to its meaning. The earth is shaken by the lack of care. It is time to relieve the tension that is within the earth. It is, in places, melting, but not always by fire. Energies that must be sent are to heal, but they also must have room to move. There are times an area is chosen and cleansed but there needs to be a wider realm of cleanliness in intent. Rumbling may be felt and unevenness, a sense of a tilt may be felt also. It is the unevenness of movement that will cause disturbance for it has not been previously known or felt. What can be done may be the next question. Try not to perceive the next steps. When there is movement adjust your fear at the newness. Steady yourself means not just the body but more importantly, the Inner Self. It may be that the energies will spread in such a way that mild movement is felt and a feeling of what was that?

     We see turmoil that has not manifested. This we cannot say at this stage or interfere with. This is not new for your country as the killing rate appears to move upward. It is the fear inwardly which many must deal with and which you have already seen. Patience may seem strange at this time. It is not a word usually used when there is turmoil yet we say patience is necessary. Do not let fear and worry direct your life. Perseverance is what is required.”

     (a: Will there be bloodshed at the Dakota Reservation?) “Yes.” (a: Who will be the aggressor?) “The Inner Selves of the Indian population. Listen carefully. When the Inner Self goes to war, you have the equivalent of two. They are willing to die for Mother Earth. This may be very shocking and upsetting as it is a different step that will be taken. It will have serious consequences for both sides. It will be a shock for your country and sides will be taken. Be firm in your belief, but let the words come from us. You will be protected. We are not quite ready for the war chant.”

     (m: I began to get chills, meaning some entity I knew was present. I heard a strong voice like a warrior. I said to Adriane, you may know him.)   “I am here and I seldom come, but I became aware of the size of the Blue projection and the circle it enfolds. This is a rare step. I speak seldom yet I speak truth and this is what I have to say:

     We Are A Proud People. We Hold Our Heart Closely. As you know, We Revere Mother Earth. We are Patient, but our Patience has been stretched for we honor our dead and that honor is acknowledged with positive action. The Inner Selves Will Be A Sense Of Power And It Will Be Manifested. I Have Spoken.”

     “The Great Chief is what we call our unexpected visitor. We honor him, The Great Chief. His Will Be Done as He shares his thanks for the Preservation Of Sacred Ground. We came in silence and we leave in blessed silence. And so it is.”




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