December 1, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are 3, each known to you. We have much to say and learning to provide, thus the format is different. For Adriane: Your heritage, one of many, will be helpful. Your Indian heritage is what is being addressed. Some of it will feel as if you are experiencing it at this time. We give you these colors to ingest. One is Blue, two or number two is Purple and number 3 is ? (a: Can you give the native name of the color?) “Prisenma. You will get it, relax. (a: I know the color. …Tangerine.) “To Marcia, stay focused. These colors can form a pattern that is connected. When it is connected, not mixed but connected by adding energy string for the connection. This pattern to be created must be handled with great care. This is because the mixtures have the ‘string’ in between yet once done, it flows more easily the second time.” (a: Once again why are we going into colors again?) “There is no connection to the entity who appeared before. The reason is that it can be created on earth mentally and sent to the area for knowing.” (a: Why not send a thought, they can pick that up more easily.) “Because of the intensity of the thoughts required for safety and determination makes it more difficult to feel the color power. (a: Thought forms the thought itself is the color. You don’t have to think first the color to make a color. The word contains the thought or Thought Forms. If you think of color it is a thought form so why would I need to make a thought form of color to send a thought? Why not just send a thought? It already contains the color.) “It weakens it.” (a: How? Unless they are capable of using their mental body they can’t do any of this. Once you are capable of using your mental body it is contained in the thought or thought form.)

     “We’re changing. We are stepping on a new path. We understand and see your reasoning and as a result we have discussed a different knowing and so we begin again.

     When you see what can be called Sky Writing or knowing images in the sky that is Lesson In Itself. Observe the spacing and the amount of time in between each addition. This is not knowing in words, but it is a signal of creating in broad daylight. (m: I saw this being done.) Ordinarily we would not call attention to this, but we have learned very few people observe. It is a learning cadence so that when you have the ability you can match it to cadence of the pattern you see. This allows you to take a step forward.”

     (a: How is this bringing them closer to God? The whole point of anyone on earth is to learn to become closer to God, to eventually find the divinity within and become one with that. How does any of this bring them closer to their goal?)   “We have originally felt that knowledge of color would broaden their insight. We are absorbing your knowledge.” (a: They will become aware of the color the closer they become to God, the closer they become to the Divinity Within. Teaching about color before it has been experienced is fruitless – they have no base to build on.) “We will change our theme and try to bring forth awareness of other things.” (a: I’m waiting for you to point the direction to within you where God will teach them directly. When you go within there are levels within. As you learn each level you build on that knowledge for the next level. The Holy Spirit Is The Knowledge Within, but you learn Each Level, you Build On That Spiritual Knowledge One Step At A Time. The Deeper Within, The Higher The Knowledge. The Holy Spirit is the part of God about all the Spiritual Things In Creation. When the Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Come. They Will Be Open To That And Understand The Next Level Like A Sponge.)

     “ We have changed future plans and believe that we are more likely to be on the same path of learning. We have learned much and thank you both for your patience. We fully understand the need for inner growth. We would like for the other learning to be considered for those who are ready to learn it.”


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