December 2, 2016

   (m: This new message surprised me because I am very allergic to perfumes and fragrances. I was typing when my room was filled with the smell of Cookies. I don’t have any cookies in the house so I was amused at the fragrance. It was delightful and filled the room for about fifteen minutes. I realized there was a message regarding it.)

   (m: May I know your name?) “You may hear my voice.” (I thank you for the wonderful fragrance of cookies, a new experience for me.)

   “Enjoy. I come with the calming fragrance. For now I speak words to go out for others to hear. The world is filled with natural fragrance, some which can be used for healing that is not yet known. Breathe deeply as I share it with you now. Let the knowledge of fragrance become known, for it can be a very relaxing treat. Perhaps you have sensed that this can be called forth. There are many wonders small and large to manifest in the future. I bring an Entrance To A Different Path. You have taken the first step.”


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