December 2, 2016

     “I am here rather unexpectedly with a good time to speak. (1:10 a.m.) Time speeding up has begun so it will take adjustment of different times when there is the arrival of messages. Some of these messages to come will seem to be unrelated. Think of it as being in a forest and traveling different paths. There is a reason you have expressed a desire to use your skill of talking with the animals, both on earth and with those who have passed on. You have experienced owners who are not comfortable with sharing what they themselves cannot do. The opportunities will begin again to appear. This is a difficult time for many animals are being treated with types of cruelty unheard of before. Those who know their value need to spread the word for actions to be taken.

     There is a need for owners to be more aware of the emotions that are being expressed as many feel uneasiness in the earth but have no understanding and this causes stress. Owners can become more aware and sense uneasiness that can be soothed away with a little extra attention. As a result, those offering love and concern and caring will find it coming back to them. Sharing is a good avenue for Love.



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