December 5, 2016

     “This is an appropriate time to update. Most people now are aware of change in one way or another but most have not changed their awareness of new appropriate outlooks. Watch during this time of change that opportunities do not open a door. In other words, steps taken which allow for new approach. This may be a change in pace or a re-arrangement of life patterns. We see many hard workers but we do not see quiet moments taken for the individuals. There is often too much ‘push’ and not enough calm awareness for the Self.

     As we move forward in time there will be challenges but calmness and steadiness will be necessary. Helping others to take steps forward can sometimes just take a few moments of encouragement. Learning new things is a challenge when other concerns are evident. Yet, this is a time of learning as well as endurance as big changes are taking place. We say to those who hear …Take Time For Yourself No Matter How Many Other Things Require Attention. This has been said recently but the repeat is to again bring it to your attention.

     We see the Sky signs are ignored, but there will be a time when they will be noticed. Don’t let change weigh you down.   The color to think on is Yellow. I go for now but will return.



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