December 5, 2016

     “The time coming will put people in a selective mode. In other words they will have to make a choice as to how to handle turmoil. Changes that comes slowly can be handled by most, but changes that come rapidly one after another cause stress. It is difficult to separate in such a way that there is not complete closure and yet creating an environment for the self that find balance. It is the newness that creates imbalance because of the rapidity of change. Each Person Must Find Their Own Path, Their Own Source Of Direction. If a choice does not work it does not mean you give up or give in to stress. It means Stop -Think Of A Different Mode. Sometimes it is evident that you have chosen the right path and sometimes you have to walk that path before you find what works for you.

     It is important to, in effect, take a breath and calm yourself for the stress as you know it can affect you physically and those around you. It does seem we believe that we have enormous emphasis on steadiness, but you will quickly see that you must Create Your Own Environment that surrounds you. If you find negativity spreading around you then Stop, that’s it, Stop, Take A Breath, Breathe until you can see that the breath has softened Your body and most importantly Your Mind for we tell you this:

     There will be many who cannot handle some of the changes to come. You may see that we have several times emphasized this previously. This is because we need Balance Of Many to circumvent that which falls into imbalance. Take carefully as to what we say for we have Come As A Group to present this guidance. We will return but we ask you not to just read the words, but to Think Clearly before they are needed at steps which will work best for you.”



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