December 8, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are ready to begin. This is, as you sensed, a Pow Wow. It is Sacred and seldom at this level performed. The Staff you saw is, as you remember, the Chief’s Staff. It is only used in special circumstances. You are correct, Adriane, that it is a Circle Of Chiefs. They have earned honor and they should be treated always with honor and so we begin.

     Hear this, People of Earth, Hear this for we speak truth at the Highest Level of Being. It is especially silent here for we know the significance of this event.

     Our time of speaking has begun. We take a step that has long been awaited. EARTH IS LISTENING. EARTH WILL RESPOND. She has been neglected and ruined in some cases. She has reached out for acknowledgement only to be rebuffed. I speak to the Earth. We come before you with Love and Attachment, for we have always been connected. Hear this:

     The Earth will shake. She demands attention. The Earth will expand, for her Being to be known. The Earth will Cry and also Sigh. We hear you, we reach out to you and to our brothers and sisters who sing the Sacred Song in their hearts. The path is long and it is rough and only the Wise of Each Tribe truly know how Mother Earth has suffered for we reach out to Her,we honor Her, and we fight for Her.

     The Chiefs represent different tribes, but the Tribe Names are not to be released at this time. All are represented in one way or another. No one has been left out. Our circle is complete for we are Sacred Representatives Of Mother Earth. We dance the song in Sacred Cadence. We spin our bodies in tune with the sounds we hear and know. It is an honor to be a member for we take our experience back to our individual tribes. We share the Song Of Life and Thankfulness. Our Light is bright yet soothing. It has its own song. I raise the Staff in acknowledgment of the Sacredness within the Earth and the Sky from which it came. We reach Her to hear with Love and Understanding.

     Observe that we stand united. Observe that there is a quietness yet strength beyond knowing. We are kind, but we are Chiefs and when the Call Is Sounded, our power, like magic in the fire springs forth in total harmony. NO ONE CAN DISTURB THE POWER THAT IS REPRESENTED HERE. We strike quickly and do survey the results for we know them. The action is known to those who have the ability to recognize its beginning. We speak from our mind for the heart has its own knowing. No one of negative or evil intent can come near to us or in our circle, for in the middle of the circle is Fire. At a word signal it will burst upward for all to see.

     We have waited long for the Chiefs of the Skies seldom come together for they are connected at birth with those of their tribes. Some young ones feel this and take it for granted, but the Elders know it is a Gift From God. This time has been, on earth, very disturbing. There is little peace on the land that can grow and be shared. There is a busyness that acts like a fortress that contains a sense of connection with the earth. This has happened many times but not to the extent that Mother Earth has felt it in the earth, in the waters and in the sky.

     Hear, our brothers and sisters, make your connection known. Honor the Earth. Sooth her, add to her Peace and your Soul with her. We come with peace, but we are Chiefs. Our flag, our Staff will speak for us. There will be some who feel a sense or knowing that there should be a special gathering in their individual tribes to honor Mother Earth. Speak, Adriane, if there are words of the need for respect of Mother Earth.

     (a: There is a great need of respect. She is not just being harmed, she is being caused pain. The fracking hurts her. That is why she shakes.)

     We see and have spoken of Turmoil. It is the time for the representative Chiefs of the Nations to make your Song heard with special attendance to the Sacredness of that which will be heard. We will hear you – all of us, but it will be directed to each individual Chief. You may feel in the gathering a flow of Energy which will recognize the Song. If you do not sense it, it still is reaching our ears and the extra special connection should be maintained with until the end of the ceremony.”

     (m: They all have raised their staffs They all point them inward toward the middle of the circle. They extend them toward the Invisible Flame.   AH hey A A HEY A and it is slowly in unison brought back by each Chief.) (a: I feel like White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming again. Is that true?) “Yes. She comes at Midnight. She speaks softly but there is never any misunderstanding as to her Power. She is quiet as night can be, but known without question when she speaks with Power. We honor Her with Sacred Silence and She responds in kind and yet can be heard. She does not announce her arrival, but there is no doubting who she is. We honor her from our hearts with pure Love. She will wear White like a flowing moon and Her Light will shine like the Star She Is.

     A ya ha ha   heard with the drum sound.

     This symbolic circle has chosen not to dance at this time. We stand in quiet honor to all those who honor earth. And so it is.”


     (m: They did not leave, they simply disappeared.)

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