December 8, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We have three. In the coming days you will begin to sense a change. It may not be very evident, at least not at first, but there will be a feeling that something is different. You may feel this from the earth or from the environment or both. It is like sensing rain coming. There will be other indications but not seen. This is when nerves can become uneasy for it is a feeling that cannot be specified. The Purpose is A Gathering Of Energies for …. (“We have interference.”) (m: It felt like a blank spot. They formed a barrier – the one on the right is slowly moving and coming around followed by the middle one so they have a circle of control.)    Continuing – “These energies have much power to use as Balance but the power must be very carefully controlled. After the circle is stabilized it can then be spread outwardly and managed as to the length of the area covered. This cannot be seen but it can be felt.

     It is the newness that will affect those who sense it. We have predicted many things that were not always evident. We cannot verify the areas covered but it will be like a security blanket. In other words, though there is an uneasiness it becomes a necessary action or feeling that cannot be hidden. The feeling will not last but the awareness should manifest change. Having said that as an Alert, we move forward.

     The turmoil on earth is in a sense just beginning. This is a difficult concept and difficult to hear. Unrest and unsureness can only stay hidden so long. It must manifest and in many cases explode. We say this not for fear, but for awareness of the changes to come. It is not all darkness as it would appear but is a time To Spread The Awareness And Knowing With Alertness. Simply said we say it is a time to know ADJUSTMENTS will be needed that is Calmness Deliberately Created. Come, sing a song for us.   (m: I did so, and as said before I never know what the words mean.) They spoke:

“We come, We go, We appear, We disappear
Life begins, Life extends, Life changes and
The World begins.

Words mean nothing as Sight Will Provide
And Inner Knowledge Guide,
Be Strong In Patience, Be aware
But somewhat separate.

Create Your Space
And Be At Peace

That is all I have to say.”


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