December 9, 2016

     “This time of the year that shines for the Light also brings emotions to the forefront. It is almost taken for granted. I would like for truth to be acknowledged and that is at this time more Love is expressed. My Son carried love before and after his birth, shining the Light from within. The world is in need of this Light more than ever, but life’s increasing requirements often take precedent. I say to you who hear me, treasure moments for in small periods of time there is often a major step forward taken in the quietness or change of pace.

     What do you see when you look around you and what do you feel when you look inside? The moment may be small but do not discount time for insight can come in a moment. Intent is usually smothered with procrastination. Just Be for a few moments. Put aside the worry, the things that must be done, the frustration, the weariness and just Be. YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU.   Become more aware of you. Your Light needs room to shine.


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