December 13, 2016
  Marcia with Adriane

   “In the morning hours there are usually more signs in the sky but they are usually ignored. So we come to you with a large bang to get your attention. We speak to inform knowing that not all will listen. The Rumble Has Begun. By this we mean the silent movement that affects the steadiness of the feet or forms a sense of ‘something’ but no clue or vision of what can be the cause. This was told before, but it is different when actual feelings are affected. This time frame, and we repeat, requires steadiness. You know how quickly your animals relax with your calmness at a sound that would make people jump. Follow the same procedure when it becomes louder. As this phase moves along you will begin to see the worry or the strain on the faces you are in contact with. There is also a need to realize that a helpful action may not be received well for there will be a coldness inside as people try to function normally.  This time may be characterized as gut wrenching and reactions will be evident. Within a group draw protection around you, but be open to calming those around you. It may not be accepted, but persevere.

   Your time of work is here. You were told it would speed up. Mentally adjust. This might be called a preamble for there will be more information coming your way. We go for now.”


   (Note: The very large sound hit directly in front of my TV. It had the sound of lightning striking. One of my dogs ran to me and began barking at the TV. The other one came over to my side. I said to them “It’s ok, I am with you” and the barking stopped and both calmed down.)



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