December 13, 2016
   Marcia with Adriane

   (m: I saw a hoop moving backwards. I was told to bring it up, not to spin it. My right arm was up straight. I said “Adriane, keep track, there is a star above not seen in line with my hand.” I heard “Climb, keep your arm straight at shoulder level. Come forward, be at peace. Stay steady. I lowered my arm and heard “Stand Tall”.)

   “Welcome”. (m: I am glad to be here.) “Do you know where you are?” (m: No, but it is a soothing place.) “Turn your head to the right side momentarily. You follow directions well. Now, more slowly back so you are facing forward. Are you tired? (m: No.) “Amazing journey. You are home to millions who live in peace. Your soul wanted, needed to face again, feel that tenderness we have. You are here for a reason. You are comfortable?) (m: Yes.) “Then speak your song.” (m: I usually sing it.) “Just the words.” (m: Yes. … I said the words but the only one I remember is ma ha e knee na. I never know the meaning.) “Well done, for it has been centuries since you have spoken a song. We are aware you do not know the meaning but it is a beautiful ceremonial blessing.”

   “We have a question.” (m: Yes?) “Is the Earth moving at this time.” (a: The earth is always moving.) “Then we ask, does the shaking interfere with present life? (a: Sometimes if it happens on land it interferes with life.) “We ask to help our perception and to generate help if necessary. We believe that has not advanced to the need for help. We would like to reach forward for communication in the future for we have much assistance to be spread. We see, however, it is not necessary at this time.” (m: Where am I?) “We cannot give you a name at this time, but you have traveled far. Blessed be to both and we hope that we will meet again”


   Note: I usually see them walking away but in this case they just disappeared.


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