December 14, 2015
       Marcia with Adriane

       (m: I saw an Infinity Symbol. Picture an 8 on its side.) “We have a bundle and within it is packaged, a moving energy. This obviously has to be handled carefully. We have not very often brought into a circle a moving object that flows and we emphasize that it is fragile.” (m: Can the flow be speeded up or does it have one set movement?) “That is perceptive for yes you can change the movement with careful intent.”

       Now we move forward. We have a square and within that square, probably the most common symbol is a movement that can be applied with intent. This will become more knowing as we move forward. Third step – take a line and draw it straight.” (m: How far do they want it to go?) “That is a perceptive question …… 6 feet.

       We now go forward in your mind and slowly move the staff upward. Let it go until you, Adriane, feel it should stop. (a: Something is pulling it to the right.) It is not interference though it appears so.” (a: It’s mind is my mind. I am capable of sending it through universes and dimensions. Infinity Symbol, GOLD, the Square was BLUE, the Staff was WHITE. If I created it, it is. I don’t do things for practice, it’s important for it to have a reason for it to be created because it will become real.”

       “We honor your skill and your patience with our learning. We ask that you look and see where it should go.” (a: What is its purpose?) “The spread of the colors and their influences for some are needed and some have not been experienced previously.” (a: Do they want them in the Light Grid Around The Earth? What colors do they want?) (m: She is Aurora.) (a: I AM COLOR.)

       “We have shifted our goal and we are delighted that you have given us this opportunity. We have observed and projected the steps. We were guided to share it, but unaware of assistance. This is a Very Special Event for us. We had heard in the past that when these steps were given/shared that we would gain insight beyond what we previously knew and so we greet you with thanks and admiration for your skill. We now shift our learning and knowing and are delighted to be a part of this step which has been spoken of in the past.”   (a: They’ve living history right now. This has already happened – they are working backwards in time. They know the history because this has already happened, but they didn’t realize they would be part of the history. They are working backwards in our time. In their time it has already happened. All time exists simultaneously.)

       “We have taken this information and shared it mentally with others. The answer to your question …we took time to hear from others and yes it is time as of this moment to send the colors which we see as PURPLE, GOLD, RED, YELLOW, and DARK GREEN and so it is.” (a: Ok.)  “IT IS DONE and we see the results of those colors being linked together. They sparkle and they are alive with joy. We seldom have been so consciously in the middle of earth history. We are awed and joyful to have the surprise of this step forward which will be FOREVER A PART OF OUR HISTORY. And so it is. We are very humbled and we thank you.” (a: It was my pleasure. .. Their history coming alive and they didn’t know it. Aurora was working backwards in time. She works in all times and dimensions. 1,2,3 dimensions is where time is perceived by those individuals living it.

       For Celestials, time does not exist. If they were taking our time, 2016, they can go backward to before the earth was formed and make a Quasar that will form our universe and eventually the earth and then come back to this time where the earth exists. For them no time has passed or have they gone anywhere because they exist throughout all time and all dimensions. Their dimensional earth that was infused with color is being done in their past.


       *Note: Quasar – a distant celestial object that emits immense quantities of light and radio waves.


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