December 14, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “Here I AM FROM AFAR AND YOU HONOR ME WITH THE WRITTEN LARGE LETTERS. This is for both and will impact you.

     “I come from what you would describe as a Different Land. I am not Celestial in the usual sense of the word. I am from an UNKNOWN PLANET. As we talk, Adriane, you may look and receive insight which you can share. I saw much Light being used to protect the Earth. That is what has drawn me here. I know you both in different ways and at different levels of time. That in itself is a story to be heard. For now, I continue with this mission in this time frame. I am of Light. I AM LIGHT. MY BEING IS LIGHT and so I treasure that you, Adriane, saw my Light.   Therefore, with reverence I give these words:

     The Earth will seem to open up with more Light. It will shine at times in a different way. These flashes of Light are not accidental, nor are the colors. We send this Light as a member of our planet. By member I do not mean a person. IT IS THE LIGHT THAT IS PART OF OUR BEING. The purpose is to enlighten your Planet to other aspects of Light and Color. This is our contribution which will bring various energies to settle on earth. They have been especially selected like special jewels. These jewels will add to the stableness of particles of the earth. It is my pleasure that I have been able to move through time. I make my Being noted as you saw, to come with my own Light. There is no time that the Light I represent cannot be manifested. There is a time frame that we look at. We are not known, but my words will speak. Stay alert to Light Flashes that indicate I have words to say. I joyfully take my leave as the opening of a Door To The Unknown has been made. Blessed Be.



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