December 14, 2016

   “This next step forward will be interesting but somewhat difficult. There will be pauses. Stirring liquid in a pan can be a peaceful movement, but when it is done with speed it can cause a splash or even an accident. This is also true of Energies. This is true when Energies come to earth. They may land smoothly or land with a splash. This is why it is unpredictable. It also explains why there must be adjustability so there is more than one method available.

   The body can maintain strength if there is time used to pause and just breathe quietly. Then beginning again starts with more renewed energy. It is such a simple method but not commonly known.”


December 16, 2016

   “The confusing time is evident even to children. This develops insecurity though the holiday time helps. Listen well to the words I bring. Write them quickly.

   There is an Unknown Pressure Pushing The Earth. Perhaps some have sensed it. This has been hinted at previously. I am here to bring attention so that there is not a sudden awareness. As some previous statements have not manifested in sight, the words do not have impact. It is almost like hearing it is going to rain tomorrow.

   Brace yourself is the best words I can send to you and others. As it is the time of year with many requirements and celebrations it is easy to see how this message can be read without impact. I say to you again, be Mentally Prepared for this is a fast quick motion, not slow. It is necessary. It has been avoided time after time even stretching replacing impact, but it has gone as far as it can go. Longer descriptions are not necessary. Tune SELF, meaning become more aware with your body as if listening. I will be here nearby.



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