December 21, 2016

     “Welcome. This is a busy time on earth with good and bad results. We reach forward for our message with the hope that it will reach those who are willing to learn. From a distance, a long distance, we can still feel the pain and suffering that continues. Still, this is the time of Light from above being honored in physical form. Blessed be, we say at the beginning instead of the end for Light will shine in the midst of darkness and Light will prevail. As said before and we repeat, we see many fallen by the wayside. Good intent does not last long for many people and for many reasons. There is still hope that the New Year brings new beginnings, but Intent Must Be Surrounded By The Will.

     We turn now to a different subject. Those of you who have been listening for the rumble and roar should not give up though no sound has been heard. Keep the faith and when the moment arrives the ears will hear. Choose an awareness that sustains itself. Once the pattern is behind you it will work like a brace, a backing. It is the Sound that is unnerving. That too can be overcome.



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