December 22, 2016

     “We come from afar. We are new in one sense but known in another sense. Peace be unto you and to those who read our words. A New Year coming very soon and not many want to think back on this Year of Trouble and Deep Divisiveness. We come from a planet beyond knowing and there are many. We hear of the turmoil and find it difficult to comprehend the earth as we have known it. In some ways of knowing there has been advancement with new improvements in science and other categories, and yet such a sense of delay in moving forward with the Sense of Light in its many forms. Greed and Evil runs rampant. Fortunately, the Light can expand and within the hearts of man there is hope for change.

     We see the steps that have been foretold and we know that there are many on earth who are aware of a bumpy road ahead. The women in many areas are now recognized for their giftedness and skills and add to the balancing of Earth. Bless them for it has been long in coming. Now we see the children who have come to earth and their knowingness will be recognized. Peace be to those who chose to enter earth at this time.

     Let us move on. There will be a scramble of events which will change earth. Though it will not seem so it will be a favorable step forward. During this Time of Change and Re-birth, we are aware of previous information given. Those who have roles to play will begin to understand as pieces of the puzzle fall into place. We send you GREEN, the Balancer. We send you the caring we have for earth and its inhabitants. We send you LIGHT AND LOVE.



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