December 25, 2016

     “Be aware of new adjustments. They may be small or an awareness of different paths of thinking awareness. It is time to clear old patterns. This means that those who read these words should stop and at different moments of quietness progress with a mental survey. Run questions through your mind. What have you outgrown in thoughts or actions? What have you missed in moments of learning. When did you last give yourself a compliment or acknowledged a positive action in another? When have you taken moments, yes, just moments to be still, to be aware of Self, to be aware of calmness and moments of looking within?

     This near year is new in both positive and seemingly negative ways. It will take determination and strength. There must be clearness before there is progress. God is with you as He has always been there for support, caring and love. There will be so many avenues to travel. The awareness of You, You who have waited patiently to come out with your Light, who have wondered if the time will ever come for your skills, your knowingness to be shared. Be alert and aware of small steps that can be taken.

     During this time you will not be alone for there will be others who will reach out and each in his or her own way contributing understanding, courage and insight. You are moving forward at a faster pace because of unexpected challenges.   REMEMBER, REMEMBER, THE LIGHT WILL SHINE. GLORY BE TO GOD.



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