January 4, 2017
   Marcia with Adriane

   “We will move forward slowly. As the earth is changing and moving we figuratively step forward toward the future. Eons of preparation and yes, ‘seeing’, has almost come to its fruition. It is this that we speak our words carefully for time moves forward and at some point there are major stops along the way.

   The world is tangled at this time and thus it must endure steps to straighten the course of action. People are very aware of the worldliness, of the unrest, the killing, and the negative actions on earth. It is horror to see what is happening. You look at the sky and you see basic daily looking clouds, but there are many who see beyond the ‘normal’. As spoken before, there is a coming event that will change paths, a different direction you might call it. It is that which is to become. We are prepared and yet we do not know the full extent of the results It is that which we are preparing for. Our help will be available. It has taken patience on many people’s path to walk these steps for mostly they are out of sight. The patience required has strengthened and yet stretched the inner knowing. We must have a smoother connection to move through the uproar that involves the earth.

   For those who are listening and/or reading – strengthen yourself. You are going into a battle which must be fought. Yes, it does take courage but remember this, you were born for this for you carry the Light in a different way and though you may not be aware, it is there to be used, not to just sit and observe.

   We will have patterns of communication, meaning at times a few short words or warnings. At other times a long description of steps to take. We may, to those who have the ears to hear, give one word with emphasis that will show its importance. This up and down process is also because it will be necessary to dodge interference. Have heart, for many of you who were about to give up will find or sense a feeling within. We want to emphasize this as the feelings may differ. There is not a one movement for all for it involves the individuality of the person. We say this so you do not compare and feel that one person’s action is more or less than another. It is a complicated scenario to explain, but it is important to BE AWARE AND BE PREPARED. We have more to say, but we feel it should be given on the next session tomorrow We therefore close and send blessings to all who are aware of the Mammoth Times ahead. That is all.”



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