January 5, 2017

     This unusual event takes some explanation first. I am used to seeing things and people in images or photographs that others cannot see. I also see pictures changing. As I am an animal communicator I hear what the animals say and they are incredibly Intelligent. Where I type there is a long five level Bookcase full of books. Next to the last level I have different animal pictures in front of the books.

     My two dogs are the same breed …one five months old and the pup is 3 months old. They both can make pyramids out of paper though from different breeders and both see Spiritual Beings. As I stopped typing I turned and the 3 month old was staring at the bookcase. He did not move and seemed to be listening. I looked and the beautifully colored picture I have of a Cougar is what he was looking at. The picture seemed ‘alive’ and the Cougar face was actually leaning forward and had energy. I always say welcome which I did and my pup then stopped looking at it. This is what was communicated to me mentally.

     “We shall begin. I have moved the form into a selection for a visit. I come rarely but I will speak. Turn the clock to forward if it could be. There is a time to remember coming. I appear to bring attention to the source. It is, you might say, a different perspective. THE ENERGIES FROM THE EARTH WILL EXPLODE IN PUFFS – that is what I call it though you will not see that term elsewhere. The word Chaos is shunned by most people because of its impact in the word itself. Yet, let me be Honest and Forthcoming. DIG IN, MEANING BRACE YOURSELF. This can be mentally or an inner correction with your physical connection. PLANT YOUR FEET FIRMLY. BE AT PEACE THOUGH THERE MAY BE A SENSE OF BEING RATTLED. By this I mean a feeling of being all together.I go, but I leave a part of my spirit behind. I will be watching.”




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