January 8, 2017
     Marcia with Marc

     “We take this opportunity to send information. We may be slow sending at first. What is that creature beside you?) It is my cat and a dog.) Let us begin.

     The skies are clear enough where you are to see the signs in the sky, but for most the weather prevents seeing. We have looked for an opening. We see the work that is being done. Persevere on that journey. Here is our message:

     Over and over there have been many signs already shown. They were not formed for seeing but those who can see rightly see the pattern of discovery. By this we mean insight as well as outline and form. It depends on the awareness of each individual as to understanding or sensing. Continue to look and observe when the weather provides openings. We are so close in terms of advancement that we are at our best observing. There have been many helpful messages telling how to prepare. The Mental Aspect is the most important. This may differ as some have created a step by step reaction whereas others mentally prepare without form. Both Are Important.

     We say not to become complacent, but simply to be aware. This major happening is a puzzle to most people for the main part is hidden, but that will change. What goes down can come up and it will. The words have been given, the preparation is there and now comes the Hardest Step and that is the arrival. THINK Of SMALL STEPS. Don’t consider rescue. SIMPLY, FIRST, FIND YOUR STRENGTH WITHIN. SEE IT AND FEEL AND HOLD IT TIGHT WITHIN. These are my words and I step aside for # 2.


# 2:   I have heard what was said and it was all good. My reason for contribution is different. I speak to SEEING. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LIGHT. SEE IT AS THROUGH A PIN HOLE. AS YOU OBSERVE, IF POSSIBLE, ATTACH OR PUSH YOUR FEET STRONGLY TO THE EARTH. IF YOU ARE INSIDE, STAND AND PLACE YOUR FEET FIRMLY ON THE FLOOR. THESE ARE YOUR ANCHORS. If you can control your emotion let them feel the rhythm underneath. If it is too disturbing then WALK FORWARD QUICKLY and then MOVE INTO A RUN IF NECESSARY. If you run from instinct you will Not have the same control of your body. Of course if something is falling then you would move quickly. Over and Over you’ve heard STAND STEADY, STAND FIRMLY, and BREATHE, yes, BREATHE. Do not let your breath be, in a sense taken away. It is KEY to SURVIVAL and BODY AWARENESS. Try to create a Normal Breath by giving little PUFFS from your mouth. It is YOU FIRST that sets the environmental response that allows for quicker help and reaction. These are small steps but can have large responses. I thank you and it is now for number 3 to speak.


# 3. Welcome. Carrying someone on your back is a load, Not carrying someone can stop progress, but how many people can pick up another person. And so, I give this help. MOMENTARILY, STOP, GRAB THE HAND OF THE PERSON. SPEAK WORDS SUCH AS “We’re Going”, “We’re Moving”, “We’re Running”. THIS REACHES THE MIND AND ENCOURAGES MOVEMENT. If a person is in shock, then LOWER THE VOICE and FIRMLY, VERY FIRMLY, SAY, “WE MUST MOVE”. This is not to say that this will be required for there will be some who steadily and firmly stand in place and it may be the best momentary action. The KEY is THE FIRMNESS FROM WITHIN. It does NOT have to show in a leadership type voice. It simply is spoken with heart. Each who can listen to the Self within will know what to do. I also would say that those who are Out of Control can be handled with a firm calm voice. We THREE agreed to divide our words so that they will have more impact. Blessed Be for God is with you.



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