January 11, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     (A: We need to stick to higher learning and explanations that are not physical and about the earth but about spiritual learning that will help people progress spiritually.)

     “We wonder if earth people are able to clear the mind for spiritual learning when there is a pattern of change. It is difficult for understanding to manifest when there are new things or experiences. We would like to see this progressing but the mind will be temporarily distracted. Whether this can be set aside is debatable.” (a: I came for one purpose only – to help mankind evolve spiritually. These lessons – some will understand now but my lessons and insights are as much for the future as the present.) We understand and we can change direction slowly. (a: It is then too slow as it is.) We see your view and we are rearranging information.

     The Light of God always shines. This Light is within. This much is generally known. There are degrees of the acceptance of this Light and those who have little can lose it. It is like watching plants grow. The more there is acceptance, an opening, the more the Spirit advances. The next step would be how this is done. It does not require removal from others though some people take this separation path. It is opening the smallest of doors, entering through the door and seeing what is within. What is in this space of knowing can only be developed through listening to Self and expressing Love. There will be guidance but steps forward with the mind must be taken. The path is not the same for everyone. With some it feels as if the path is out of reach or keeps becoming longer. In fact, it does become longer, for awareness at one level leads to another. We can assure those who feel they have lost their way that a few steps forward will bring Light. As these steps move there will be more questions and more honor is expected.

     This is a bumpy time, an up and down time and it takes strength and so we send the Love In Light.”

     (a: When people put their focus on other things besides the Light and pretty much ignore it, the Light seems to diminish, but it is always there.)


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