January 12, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “Good evening. We begin anew and we take a very large step in a different direction. We will, at times, take giant steps forward though at other times we ask for patience as the steps will be smaller. There is a tangled area you might say. If you were walking it you would step carefully not to step on things, brush on the path. So we begin anew.

     Seeing is something that has been lightly engaged and yet its importance has many layers. On earth it is important to see, to manage day by day, yet when we speak of seeing it may be reached not through the eyes, but through the mind. Some are born with this skill and most have an open road to it, but it is not used. This is because it is not taught. We have seen children who have this ability but when it is evident there are those who squash it simply because it is different. That is why a child may see something and the adult says ‘you are imagining it.’

     To see inward is a spiritual step. There are those who see inside the body for or with their work in healing. We are speaking in steps to even begin to look. First you must have an area that you reach toward. Imagine a line from your eyes that goes to the inner door, the inner space around or beside the heart. To see from the brain you shift looking, not rolling your eyes upward but with thought, sending a connection or highway to one area, for example one eye. Then send another string of energy again to the left and focus on an area. When you can do this carefully but calmly you will begin to see images or color. Stay calm in the body and resist the urge to use the eyes to look upward. Mentally look as the mental thought slowly moves like a string to a specific spot and do not rush.

     This may seem like child’s play but once the format is understood, the speed will change and you will see, almost like being directed for it has its own direction. Begin with the Left Side and that is the main area. The Right Side is too tangled for easy access. It is important not to strain. It is not failure if this is not reached the first time. Babies sometimes do this quite frequently, but they have no words for description. Our ‘reading’ here is not with paper. If needed we create it, but we read for the mind and in the mind is where it stays. Yes, we do have Sacred Books and we usually handle them with care. The reason for the word usually is sometimes though there is never damage, we move through as if the wind blows the pages. In fact, in some instances the sacred air blows the pages to a special choice. So our point is, this is a Beginning On Seeing. The major part which is not taught is that you can look within, you can send energy and warmth within. So many children must wait to find this out by themselves for there is no one to teach them. We would ask that if a child says he or she sees, to just listen and be positive. It usually takes some maturity and awareness of the inner self. We ask that those who read these words to honor the steps given and not just use them as a play toy. Do this with respect for the Body and the Spirit within. With that we take our leave.”

     (Adriane: The chakras of the body are directly related to dimensional levels. The first chakra is an Earth Chakra and it is a Physical Dimensional Plane. The 7th Chakra is a spiritual plane or dimension and all the Chakras in between are different levels of Spiritual Chakra.    As your spirit progresses and you become aware, you venture through these different planes of existence. When you master each level you go on to the next level. There are physical places on your body where the chakras are attached to your spiritual bodies. Each one of the Chakras that are mastered produce awareness of that level’s spiritual body. The bodies are always there, but once you master that plane or dimension the corresponding chakra starts spinning. It is the energy of your Light Body that makes your chakras spin.

     The Masters have all 7 chakras spinning. Not everybody does. The bodies attached to chakras are: 1- Physical Body 2- Etheric Energy Body 3- Astral Body 4- Emotional Body 5 and 6 – Mental Body 7- Spiritual Energy Body. Above the Crown Chakra 7 is the 8,9,10,11,12 chakras. This is where the Spiritual Energy Body slowly becomes the Celestial Body as increasing awareness of our abilities as a Celestial Spirit are slowly mastered through each plane/dimension. They are always there, but once you master that plane or dimension the chakra for that dimension starts spinning, It is the energy of your Light body that makes your chakras spin.  There are two planes of existence for the Mental Body that have to be mastered and they directly relate to the right and left eye.)


     (m: The word chakra is a Hindu word meaning wheel of light.)



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