January 15, 2017

     “I come from afar and I will say that my purpose is somewhat different. I am aware of the major work that is being taken to bring future knowledge to earth. It is progressing nicely. (m: What is your purpose?) My purpose is to open a door or give steps to opening a Celestial door for there are many. When you open a door the Light that appears may be overwhelming. There is though a quick adjustment. There may be a profound sense of quietness, even emptiness, but that too will change. You may feel a what now question for the beauty and majesty of these doors can cause a wondrous feeling of awe and time should be taken to not only experience it, but to let the wonder be expressed.

     The visit may be short the first few times. This allows the connection to be made. There should not be an effort taken to proceed quickly. Also there should not be regret if the time is short. As you progress and are more at ease you will develop the speed that is best for your Celestial body. It is important not to rush. You may have insight that will return after your acclimation is easier. There will be things that seem out of place but like a puzzle the pieces must be put together.

     I say this with emphasis. The space must be honored. You may or may not be greeted. Questions should not be asked for you will be guided. If there is to be speech it is usually in response to a question given. Be prepared to take steps carefully and pause after you have entered. There will not be a door to close for it will be out of sight. It is a wondrous experience to be treated as a treasure. I go with my Words given as a gift.”


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