January 18, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We had a change of plan so we needed extra time to begin.   We feel we need to start by asking questions that we think will send us more quickly forward on the path. We intend, as you probably know, to lead to future knowledge and the knowledge to understand future needs. This, of course, must take in between steps. We are not implying jumping forward, and so this is our first statement and/or question. We have here with us representatives from different realms who are of different categories of skill and who travel frequently to future times. We say this because the questions may be varied for different locations and different skills in learning. We, they, feel this is a very progressive way to proceed not only now but in future directions. We know each other not, but requested those who have high skill. We say this so you will understand the variety of questions today.

     Number 1: I am new here but delighted to see/feel the softness of the reception which puts not only me but all who are here in a balanced atmosphere. We see or hear of the turmoil on earth. There will be major changes and we already see the climate, the weather and its results reacting in such a way that notice is current. What would you say as to its effect on the population generally in your country North, South, East, West?

     (a: First, I need a question answered.  Weather always affects people’s moods but that is a physical reaction, a body reaction. I prefer when I’m involved that we stick to spiritual things as weather does not really affect people spiritually. It may affect them emotionally with a good mood or a bad mood. “How then does one stay in balance for inner work if there is a variance of weather?” (a: By not judging the weather, by accepting it as just a part of being on earth, making no judgement as to whether it is good or bad, accepting the diversity and enjoying all of it.) “I see, for our knowledge of many varieties of weather have not been experienced. This is like Home in the way that we adjust to Light for Light never is diminished, so we feel your explanation. Newcomers may want to play in the Light. This is only done with approval as not doing so changes the Light’s purpose.” (a: They need to get approval first for the changing of the Light.) “(to m: Are you quiet?) (m: Only in certain circumstances.) “Can you speak?” (m: What language are you referring to?) (a: He means Light Language.) “That is correct.” (m: My answer is I’m not sure for songs or words come from my voice but I do not know the meaning.) “I have permission to ask you to demonstrate.” (m: Shall I do so now?) “Yes.” (m: I heard the word heart and then ‘I send blessings to all’. My body began to get chills.) “We have a question. Repeat please the first part.” (m: I repeated it in the language that had come forth.)

     (a: How is any spoken language different than Light Language?) “It is harsh.” (a: Does Light Language have any sound?) “Yes.” (a: In what form does the sound take in Light Language.) “Curves.” (a: Waves – Energy without form, a vibration like a wave. Even the spoken language can be scientifically measured in waves but Light Language has no vibration for ears to hear., Only LIGHT TO LIGHT can understand it. In other words your Light Body can only understand the Light Language. They don’t use words in Light Language. It’s a thought, LIGHT Thought- LIGHT Understanding. If your ears can hear it, it is Not Light Language. Some spiritual languages can be understood by the etheric body energy. It gives tingles to your physical body. It excites the energy in the energy body. That’s why the physical body feels tingles. When we do something every day it is automatic without thinking about it. It is the same when they speak the Light Language. They don’t think about it and the process it takes. Using the word Language can be confusing for many people because language usually means words. LIGHT LANGUAGE HAS NO WORDS, ONLY THOUGHTS Projected IN LIGHT ENERGY.

     A question (to m:) If I speak to you in Light Language will you understand it?”   (m: I’ll try it. To my surprise I began to sound it and then interpreted the first part which was Come With Us In Thought And Deed. Speak To Us As We Succeed.) (m: Was That Light Language?) “Yes’. (m: I heard it higher in my brain.) (a: Can you send a true Light Language?) (m: He was interpreting in words. I was asked to repeat. I felt space between the brain and the skull and a feeling in the lower left leg.) (a: Light Language is a visual language. Thought forms and understanding, no sound, no words. You will see something and the whole globe meaning. Try again.) (m: I saw an Image – a U upside down and slightly wider…almost like a cap. As I looked there a circle was formed around it. I did not get the meaning. (a: You will see something and the whole global meaning. Maybe others will realize now what the Light Language is. It is the Language of the Mental Body when spoken through the Spiritual Body, your Light Body. It’s the two together – the Mental Body and the Spiritual Body. Just like you have a brain in your physical body that thinks, the spiritual body and the mental body work together in the same way but Mind and Spirit have no form. They are Light Energy only in the purer form. Symbols – seeing not as important if the understanding isn’t included. It is language that has to have understanding. Spiritual Sense – visuals that go with it. Nothing corresponds with it. Thought form comes as one global understanding all at once, instantaneously)

     “We will continue tomorrow. Much of this is new to us as we have not been exposed to it. Our understanding will be better and we thank you two.



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