January 10, 2017
   Marcia with Adriane

   “Good evening, ladies. As you felt, we have many here today. The reason is because the connection can teach us as well as we can teach you. So instead of repeating, we have the higher skilled ones here and ready to teach and to learn. We will start with the second one who began previously.

   # 2. I am delighted to be in a connective state.   I begin with this advisement. You may not understand all we give at this time, but it will be cleared later. Patience is needed on both sides. There are many paths to be taken which is why there may be a sense of slowness for one does not stay on just one path. This is usually not emphasized on earth. These paths may include a companion – one who travels with you. This can be known or unknown, but in either case you will have the sensing of someone or something, If so, you can stop and listen or just be guided. If the journey is long or creates tiredness it is within the range of good behavior to just stop. At that time you may hear words or just have the sensing of what to do. When you reach a certain area the energy may not be comfortable for your body. By body we mean the Mental body. If this happens where the mind seems to go blank that is when you stop and just listen. Again, there may be words or just a knowing feeling as to what to do. You may even see what appears to be a bird in flight or just a feeling of something going by. This journey will be steps for learning. Different spaces will be stopping points. This is just a preamble of beginning learning.

   (a: You were right when you said I may not understand for my definition and experience of the Mental Body is much different than your explanation. My experience is the Mental body encompasses all of known creation and to be anywhere on the plains/dimensions it does not take any journey at all. Any place in Creation is not further than a thought away. The journey is instantaneous anywhere in the universe or a dimension. Are you from a different created Universe?)

“We smile at your question for that is the exact truth. We knew from your beginning that you were not at times, aware of this. It is why this meeting is so special for we introduce ourselves and the possibility of knowing our planet. Beyond Pluto is another planet. Before that planet is what you might call eons of time. That is a phrase that indicates the length of separation.” (a: I wasn’t talking about Galaxies. I was talking about another Universe. Pluto is within our Galaxy – the Milky Way. We have no real knowledge of what you speak but we have the knowing of its truth.)

   “It has only been recent, we guess approximately a year that we were aware of your planet. If we had more time we would ask questions for our feeling of it, or knowing of it seems to have incredible interactions not commonly known. (a: I was just wondering from your description of the Mental Body and my experience of the Mental Body why it is so different. That is why I was wondering if you were from a different Creation.) “The answer is most definitely Yes. (a: I am glad we have had this conversation because I wanted to introduce the fact that there is more than one universe.) “Madam, we are ready to be acknowledged which is why I am here. We really know very little about your planet. We do know that something Dangerous Is Out Of Balance. It is that we have shared and the reason we were invited. And so, we both have much to say. Do you have other questions? (a: Not at this time. I just wanted to establish that our space of existence is different and that my people do not know yet there are other universes.) “We have considered coming closer to earth as a visit. We believe we have much to offer but are aware that these incredible findings though in life for eons are totally unknown, not only in your country but in other worlds. We tread carefully – not from fear, but being aware that we are different.” (a: It is good then that we can learn about each other. I welcome the opportunity.) “I am delighted at the opportunity and the honor of being a link. You may be surprised at our Beings and our Mission.”

   (m: I closed my eyes when they asked ‘what do you see’? I saw what looked like a snowman. I saw the bottom larger circle, the second middle circle and the small circle on the top. Adriane asked what they were and they replied “Magnetic Stabilizers”. (a: Does your universe penetrate our universe?) “Yes.” (a: Are you a future or a past of this universe?) “BOTH”. (a: How can that be – please explain.

   “WE ARE A COMBINATION OF THAT WHICH WE HAVE BEEN And THAT WHICH WILL BE. We see evidence of the future in flowers and plants and signs in the sky, so are shown both, but it does not usually draw our attention. This may seem strange, but it is like your weather that changes and manifests in the sky. It is like looking beyond and seeing. It is there if we need to look.” (a: Are you a Physical Universe?) “No. I never thought this would be told for we are so far away and so different that we literally have Two Worlds. Our own world and the knowing of other worlds.   To think of being able to reach and converse with Earth Beings is beyond our knowing. This Is A Major Event.” (a: Are you Energy Beings?) “Yes – could you see us? (a: No, but I feel the vibrational difference. That is how I knew your Universe interpenetrated ours. That’s why their Mental Body is different – because they only experience the energy of it. On our world there are people who are aware of all 3 universes, the physical and the mental energy and can be multidimensional. This is the only place that is done.) (m: if I could see you on your world, what would you look like? I am Handsome in Light Meaning. You could see me. I use the word handsome because it is stronger than some others who have less Light. It is not, I’m told, handsome meaning looks, but handsome in being seen with Light. Come visit. (m: That’s a long way.) “I treasure this information and will share with you the other Handsome Lights.” (m: Thank you.)

   # 3. We were amazed at how much information was presented and understood. That is our platform, our beginning. When I heard the explanations my Being was warmed for who could be prepared for such a meeting? We will take the information on what should be shared in the future. If you have any specific question I can take it with me for I am a Collector Of Thoughts. (a: I would be curious to know of the other universes and those who live there. Are they aware of the Creator?) “We do not know that name.” (a: Are you aware of your Source, the source of your beginning?) “No, for we have always been.” (a: Are you aware of where the energy that has always been is sustained, how it stays in existence?) “We have stories of Light coming to our earth, but we have no knowledge of it.”

   (a: Where to begin.   We on earth, because our bodies incorporate all three universes of physical energy and mental are able to come in contact with the Source that keeps all 3 universes in existence. We can become one with that source, the Source of All, the Source of Everything, the Source of All Universes.”   (m: And suddenly they were gone.)


   (a: Just a note first. The reason why he just vanished is he was afraid. The information I gave him jarred him and he was afraid to continue. You probably did not hear me say the reason I could feel him was because his universe is a part of my energy body. Then when I told him when we mature spiritually we can merge with the source of all three universes, he became frightened. This was mind blowing information to him that it is even possible to merge with the Source of Light. They did not know there was a Source that sustains them.


   (m: Later I made a comment that he wasn’t of my energy body. Adriane responded: (a: Actually he is a part of your energy body, you just are not aware of the energy body I am talking about. This energy Universe interpenetrates everything. To merge with the Source, means to merge consciously with God – to be reabsorbed into the Divine. This is once again an awareness. We are absorbed right now but we are unaware as if we are dreaming. When we become fully matured spiritually we consciously become aware of the Source of All and realize we are part of the Source. At that moment of realization we make the choice to either stay merged in the Bliss of the Divine, enjoying full Power, Knowledge, and Bliss, or join in the dream of Creation again…only this time we walk the Earth knowing full well what all of creation is, where it comes from, and what sustains it. We walk the Earth as a Master.)



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