January 5, 2017
     Marcia for Adriane

     “It is well. We greet you and as this time was planned we give our words. Action to be taken in the future is readying its course. Steps to take have been given. We come as planned. Straighten The Line Of Intent. Intent meaning having your ideas or plans ready and they should be alert yet calm. We talk today as planned. We are part of the book. Turmoil can be an instant or a feeling of never ending. STAND STEADILY.

     We sense that the Light between many does not touch others. It is securely attached but stops at the level of giving. We bring this to the inner connection of others. Hate must be ruled. It cannot be allowed to spread. This is the time where the awareness of others is inconvenient to events out of the sight and knowing of mankind but will become known quickly. It is the sudden newness and unfamiliarity that will start the hearts pounding. Deliberately intend to stand as ONE, meaning concentrate on Self and Those Around You.

     The Sounds that are manifested are not to be shut out completely for they have purpose. It is the loudness which causes the heart to beat faster. This, of course, also includes the animal kingdom. The mind, the learning will be remembered and we say strongly Not To Try To Handle All Reactions At Once. Give Yourself Time To Breathe Deeply. Keep Fear Under Control. Love Will Come Your Way. Be At Peace.



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