January 26, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     These words were heard – “Petunias, Search ground, Advance forward, Mayhem coming soon. Police anger – world involved. Be at peace for the following information will bring clarity. Are you ready? (a: Yes.)

     Be calm is easy to say, not so easy to follow because calm is such an opposite word of whatever triggers it. We have before us a pattern seldom seen but you, Adriane, will suddenly perceive the answer which you are to give. We feel it will be clearer if it comes from you as a knowing or a teaching. We are not playing a game of practice but simply that the words will come with knowing. We take a step for you in words. Cancer is a condition usually thought of in the body. This is a cancer, a word we choose to indicate a growing evil. We clarify it is not the disease but an example of growth along with worry and unknown ending. Surprise is also a development for action almost always follows it. When you are in a trapped type of feeling, the seriousness becomes almost immediately disturbance to say the least.

     We see but cannot describe all for we feel that once the pace and/or path is known there will be a flood of thought as guidelines. That is when the Mind begins to race and the body begins to stress and tighten. We see YELLOW, we see BLUE and we see BLACK. Those are the colors present. It is an odd combination. IT IS WAR, IT IS SORROW, IT IS DESPAIR. These words are disturbing and seldom used, yet if it is going to rain, most people want to know and be prepared. (a: Is the YELLOW – BLUE – BLACK a national flag?) “YES.” (a: Of the Netherlands?)   “We believe it is so.” (a: Is the United Nations Involved?) “Not at this time.”

     (a: I thought maybe you were talking about an evil cancer needing to be eradicated like surgery for cancer. I thought the YELLOW, BLUE, BLACK flag of the Netherlands indicated the Army that would eradicate the cancer on earth. I equate that to the United Nations Army and not the Netherlands.) “I believe you should continue.” (a: The United Nations indicated to me a world wide army banding together to eradicate the cancer of Isis and Alkida. (Al-Qaeda)) “There is more to this than is known.” (a: They are the Armies of the Enemies of God.) “I see, I know, but I did not have a name. They are ready to strike.” (a: They are the Army spoken of in the Bible. It is the fulfillment of Scriptural World. The Bear is Russia and the Eagle is The United States.)



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