January 27, 2017

   “As the words of reality are read there will spread a sense of unease. Some will have a knowing, others will be uncomfortable and a few will dismiss what is read. This is human nature and patience toward others will be an important aspect to maintain. The words, the guidance will begin to be known for many will sense the truth of what has been said. It is the time when awareness of body reactions should be noted so that the practice of control can begin.

   Long ago these words were heard yet not understood. Now the words will begin again and understanding will slowly and clearly come forth. There are always those who with great effort can try to turn their back on what they sense, even what they see and feel. This result is lack of control. I will be near at possible times. Others will be near those who can sense and hear. Others will guide those who do not have connections with words but sensing. Take the steps necessary when imbalance begins. Listen well and be Strong.”



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