February 1, 2017

     “Peace be unto you. We come though there is only one. The flow of messages is important. The steps forward have been adjusted and we take into consideration the former requests. Long ago it was told there would be speeded up reports. This is because of the fast movement of the energies. The short span often has the highest delivery of important information. Many times in the last few years there have been warnings yet foreseen ones have been told of and there was no obvious happening. It is understandable that there would be complaints and concerns. The reason for this involves much explanation which we do not have the time to explain. This is our word-message for now.

     The signs are being seen but not reported. One reason is that science does not have the capability at this time to understand what is happening. The signs are, you might say, preparation and of extreme importance for they carry advisory meanings to earth. You have noticed how precise the clouds are but for most it is just odd. These clouds have as their base extreme energies. They are here and gone but can be gentle as well as severe. For our intended messages we will proceed tomorrow.”


     (m: I saw incredible unusual signs today. The long line of what I call snowball clouds (round white balls at the bottom of the cloud…perfectly placed and the exact same size) were the longest I’ve seen.   Also new – a flowing curved cloud. Two that had a large X and the first cloud that had a soft yellow color. Two were coming from the mountains. Within ten minutes there was no trace of the clouds.)



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