February 2, 2017

   “We come again with preparation to diversify. We are aware that there is repetition that seems too numerous yet we feel certain information needs repeating. You have seen the numerous sky images that show that much work is being done yet we are amazed at how little the objects in the sky are not noticed. There are those who see and do not understand and this is understandable. The process is slow but each step has been supervised for its purpose. The sensing is low because of the magnitude of the energies. It would seem that this would contribute to more knowing but these are carefully protected energies that are being sent at full speed and purpose.

   Now we would like to alert those who see and read and understand for this part is for you. Around the Earth is much activity. It is unseen and unknown, but it filled with Light. This Light Circle moves slowly and carefully. It is what you would call precious cargo. It is greatly protected and God sent. It is both a weapon and also protection. It cannot be seen by even the strongest telescope, but know that it is there. We now change to a different subject. Watch how your energy affects others. There may be reactions that you see, but is not known to the person who is experiencing it. For the most part it is useless to try to explain unless there is a very definite opening or question. It is difficult to know and feel what is happening, but most of those affected have no understanding even if information is given. It is frustrating to see and not comment, but it is the best action to take.

   The world is in what might be called a whirlwind. Nothing seems stable and there is much confusion as well as negative reactions. Try to stay somewhat separate as if looking at a movie, but not part of it. There will be plenty of time for many steps to be taken and we realize the patience that is required. Those who feel nothing is happening will remember the thought when there is much activity and movement. I have a thought to dwell on. It is that The Seed Is Planted And It Grows Slowly. It Must Push Through The Earth And Reach For The Sun. It Needs The Air And Works Best And Grows With Attention. Even After Reaching For The Light There Must Be Time For It To Grow And Expand. When It Has Met The Light And The Rain It Expands Further. We Are At This Point. The Seed Has Been Planted. The Seed Has Pushed Through The Earth. The Seed Is Reaching Toward The Light.   AND SO IT IS.”



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