February 4, 2017

   “We are here but somewhat separated. Our mission in coming is to lead knowledge a few steps forward. The color you saw in one of the clouds was a beginning show of numerous colors to come. The view of the colors must be seen quickly for it will disappear. There is a reason for the quickness of the clouds and that is the spread of the energies that have been so carefully created. Their softness hides the majestic power within yet no sound or moving shapes give a clue. When you look at them, take a moment to be thankful for these are sacred signs. When the Sound comes you will see what might be called a frequency but will be heard in different ways due to one’s perception. This has been spoken of in the past, yet will be startling. It is then that concentration on the body should begin. Yes, this has been heard before, but still needs to be emphasized. Be. At peace. We will return.



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