February 4, 2017

     “As we take steps forward it is easy to lose our way. By this we mean the requirements in life crowd out thinking – growing time. At times, life’s requirements are like a long slide. Concentrate on the most important aspects of life, but leave time to stop and Just Be You. Life was not meant to be a roller coaster. Prepare the mind, meaning leave your thinking for that which is important, the ‘have to do’, but also leave room for moments of quietness, a stillness that surrounds you with moments of peace.”

February 5, 2017

     “As we start a New Age, a New Beginning, the hours seem to fly by. It is a frustrating time for many all over the world. You, the Earth people were born for a particular experience, a particular time. It is full of turmoil and the days seem to fly by. We are bound by certain information which cannot be given at this time. This adds to impatience. KNOW THIS – you must be aware not with apprehension, but with knowledge of the major happenings which never seem to come. Be patient for you will need Strength and Awareness. Our messages will be short for the most part. We see, we hear, we know that change is coming, and so it is.”



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