February 6, 2017

   (m: I was outside when it began to rain. All of sudden the wondrous fragrance of Mary was all around even as it was raining.)

   “I have need to speak to those who can hear/read my words. My heart aches when I see the turmoil that is on earth. There is hardly a person who does not see, hear or feel a change. It is like a downward spiral that builds speed and strength. The current path is not to let what is around you convince you that there is no Light left on earth.

   I speak to the listeners and say ‘BE OF GOOD WILL, STAY STRONG, LOOK WITHIN FOR GUIDANCE.’ You see, my child, that there is my fragrance that manifests even when there is rain. Remember that when the clouds are heavy and no Light appears. TO ALL I SAY ‘KEEP ON THE PATH. YOU MAY STUMBLE, YOU MAY FALL, BUT PERSEVERE FOR YOU ARE THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT. LET IT SURROUND YOU IN PEACE AND LET IT GUIDE YOU WITH YOUR HEAVENLY SPIRIT. I MUST GO.”



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