February 8, 2017

     “Here are words and guidance somewhat different. As you listen for changes remember to listen at a lower level. What this means is that it is not necessary to shift awareness or listening upward to the Sky. When different energies are present it can be distracting. At a lower level, shifting attention to earth, to what you feel from the earth will help stabilize the energetic feeling which may give you time to immediately shift to balance in and out of the body.

     At this time there is a sense of waiting, but what might be called an Inner Listening. There is more alertness than there has been and this is a good time to think, feel an inner not tension, but the Beginnings Of Body Awareness. It might be described as a shifting yet not the knowledge to know what has changed. A Sense Of More Space Within Is A Sign The Body Is Awakening. Some have already begun to know the preparation not seen, perhaps not really felt, but a difference. Relax The Body When You Sense The Shifting Within. It Is An Inner Knowledge Beginning To Awaken. Let It Flow Unhampered By Any Shifting Response. You Will Find Or Sense Small Changes. Do Not Concentrate On The Path Being Taken. Just Let It Flow. You May Feel A Sense Of Separation. Allow It To Go Forward Without Any Direction For The Inner Self Needs No Guidance.”



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