February 8, 2017

     “Peace be unto you. There are many things we want to send for reading up to date guidance. Our words may not always be understood, but it is important for them to be presented and careful thought given. We approach the coming time with careful assistance. Much we know, but reactions from earth bodies cannot be calculated. We know the steps coming but we can only advise and be aware of individual reactions. Having said that we proceed.

     The earth in all her beauty is magnificent and she holds many treasures. These treasures involve the inner earth people who contribute more than will ever be known. We salute them for their love and careful sharing of earth’s needs. At this time we see a very alert knowing that they have as they wait for the Sound which has been spoken of so often. During the Time Of Change there will be a sense of loss, of destruction and yet know that the earth will absorb the heavenly energies that will arrive. It will take steadfastness to be able to see the positive, but know it will be there.

     Come in Spirit as we take further steps. Imagine you see a long road ahead. What mental steps do you take? Is it trying to imagine what is ahead? Is it looking no farther than each step? There are good results either way, but awareness is required. Have you considered which model you would choose to follow? On this choice you must follow your Inner Guidance or your Best Feeling, Guidance as well as Careful Thought.

     In the midst of chaos your mind will either speed up or it will seem to move very slowly. There is no middle ground or choice. Knowing this it is important to leave room or space for a choice to be considered Before It Is necessary. Any unsureness will cause confusion. Look ahead if you can. If you see color, try to remember the meaning for the colors are sign posts. If you see Shining Light shield your Eyes even in Spirit Form. Be at peace as time goes by quickly.



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