February 9, 2017

     “As said, the days are flying by. You have seen that there doesn’t seem to be enough time to get things done. We see the effects of this and as a result not enough time spent on a few quite moments. Continue to work on this. Now hear this. Independently those who have their listening tuned are carefully surrounding themselves with a Circle Of Light. This should be done with more care than when it has been for basic protection. This protective circle can be used to surround pets individually. This should be done slowly and carefully. It is frustrating to see, sense that others do not want to hear of any changes coming. They will know soon enough. The challenge of calmness in the midst of change will be a challenge that must be faced. Concentrate on Self first as has been said before. This may be quick moments, but it will help to influence those around you as well as Yourself. Observe, but don’t get too caught up in listening that there is opportunity missed for quick action. When there is a pause, collect yourself, re-strengthen your body and calm your surroundings. There may be a feeling of anger or panic for decisions must be made quickly. Take notes when you can. There will be many questions. The word ‘change’ will be used often. No one can predict the best actions to take though suggestions can be given. This is why we emphasize listening to your inner self. Be strong and think of this statement for many people have not thought to encourage Self to create that. Steer clear of areas and people who are out of control. Pets will need to be sheltered with calmness and encouragement. IT WILL TAKE DETERMINATION TO FIND BALANCE. We are many who are sending encouragement and guidance. We will help in any way we can. THIS IS AN OPENING DOOR THAT WILL AFFECT ALL. Be Calm, there is help around you. God bless you.


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