February 12, 2017

   “We feel there is much work to be done and know that you are aware of this. Your guidance is excellent and the information is flowing. Be aware that the patience you and others are practicing will be very helpful. The Light that comes has much power and purpose. Everything has been planned and waited for in eons of time. Do not worry that others do not want to hear for there is balance in those who are waiting calmly and carefully. Individuality is the keystone to the reactions that follow. What will work for one will not have the same effect on others. Yet know, that the light will shine for all. (m: Do you have a planet you are from or a group name?) We are of the Light, but we reside in the area of ORION. We may come again as we feel welcomed. (m: You are welcomed and I am thankful for this opportunity.) We would like to send our best wishes as you make progress in this special time. (m: Thank you so much.) We go for now.”




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