February 15/16, 2017

     “We are ready, 1-2-3 and the numbers begin. The Circular Swirl is seen in the sky unattached. It changes shape and spreads its energetic load. The day goes by and no one seems to notice. We respond today to influences of Color and Light. The clothing of people forms many, many combinations, not all pleasing. It is the same with colors. Some love one particular color overall while others have no particular main choice. You are used to many colors, but still have a favorite.” …


     *Note: (m: I did not know until I woke up that I had fallen asleep. I had the pen in my hand and had drawn a sideways V with a line pointing upward and another line pointing upward. Apparently I wanted it known where I had gone. The explanation for this is in the following section.


     (Feb. 16)   “We are here. This is a long one today, be at peace. In some areas the underlying, not always seen, stress is spreading. So many people appear to be fine on the outside, but inwardly they are in knots. They are aware and try to fight the stress, but for many it is a stressful effort that seems to go nowhere. As a result you see more pill taking and anger. Steer clear as the body becomes too stressed with the extra chemicals. That is why the words I have may be long, but the results are often ignored. Try To Find Each Day A Continuation Of A Connection With Spirit. The Sky is full of signs small and large. If you do not understand, pass it by, but let the image Linger. The meaning may come later.

     We shine our Light in many colors. If you, the readers, feel comfortable, find a particular color and mentally care for it. This means carrying it with you in your mind and around your body. Overloading the body takes away the calmness needed.” (m: Why did I fall asleep?) “Because the High Level Energies, for all their power require very strong levels of connection and sometimes the levels have been deleted by hard moving requirements. This, too, is a time when waiting bears down the previous area spread for intensions of hearing. We must continue on. We will extend in the next message.”



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