February 16, 2017

   “I will speak. In time, this particular time, this time with conflict and cruelty will seem like an unbelievable time. The time is moving forward though it does not seem like it. Patience is not easy and knowing and feeling a blankness is a difficult time to experience. We feel a going in circles attitude on earth. It is almost that the Wheel of Life turns so quickly there is not time to even think of what has changed, what has been seen and how one is from day to day. The number of people who are drawing inwardly is increasing. This is a time when worry, stress, fear takes over. Sometimes it manifests inwardly, other times it explodes with terrible results. It is going to take stamina to keep in balance an awareness of the Self. How is your body? Has any time been taken to stop and feel? Is there a need to rest, to listen that is being missed? A day goes by, a week, a month and suddenly opportunities for growth are gone. No one can push you. The desire and need for the body and inner self to be taken care of is pushed away. Even when the body ‘speaks’ with pain or extra tired, it is ignored. Then, it is too late. The body rebels, the mind wears down, and order seems out of reach. Over and over we say, Stop, Listen, Rest, Be Calm, Just Be. NOW is the time to take care of your Body, Mind, and Soul. Blessed Be.”


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