February 16, 2017

   “Today there are different avenues we are going to follow. The paths to knowledge sometimes take a hidden path before circling back to the straight and narrow path. In darkness there is still Light whether it is the Moon, Stars, Sun or Light from the planets. The confusion as to what some Lights are is because there are mammoth areas unknown. It would be impossible to become aware of many and sometimes even the new discovery. That is why those who channel from these areas represent a strong current of information and sometimes just the knowing that there is Light and Life there. Some will not be known for centuries. That is the way it is with the discovery of the Light within. Some knowing is felt and sensed but cannot be described in words. And so, we return to the side step that is sometimes very informative. If you have walked through a quiet forest you begin to feel a sensing, but what it is is unknown. Still, if there is an openness the energy felt can be felt inwardly and allowed to become a part of knowing. As the majority does not have access to forest retreats there must be another way. It involves Quietness, Stillness, and No Interruption. It Can Be Inside Or Outside. The steps are in the mind flowing by and the openness must be prepared by the mind. God did not send His flock to earth without a way to Listen, to Know, to Feel, in other words a Pathway Of Learning. From that which is learned and absorbed comes a knowing that can and will come forth as you Walk The Path Of Love, the Straight And Narrow. The problem, which has been mentioned many times is FINDING AND MAKING THE TIME TO BE STILL, TO LISTEN, TO TAKE THAT JOURNEY.



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