February 16, 2017

   “It is unusual to have a connection in the morning, but there are things that need to be said. As small encounters give a clue to earth changes it is necessary to broaden the awareness of life changing divisions. This means that the parts of nature that have always been separate – birds, flowers, trees, etc. may seem to want to communicate. Those not used to this may find it unbelievable that this can happen while others are comfortable in observing or participating. Others may find themselves standing still and just being, just feeling the connect with nature. This change can be     helpful in helping a quiet person, one who takes the time to feel or know by sensing the flow of energy from that which is around you. Go slow, be open and non judgmental. The fairy kingdom stays hidden, but let it be known that you want to communicate. Mother Earth is ready to expand her knowledge. Blessed be.”



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