February 19, 2017

     “Preparing for future happenings is a challenge. We give clues as well as specific directions, but there still seems to be something missing. This is outside of the fact that there is the obvious unknown. This missing part is the awareness that based on the known information there will be much that cannot be controlled. Everyone will be in the same ‘boat’. It is knowing there will not be enough time to figure things out, to try to put the pieces together. This is where Faith plays a large part. For all the information we have, we do not say the full reactions that will be manifested. Preparations have been repeated numerous times, but for those who have a knowing, it is also the ‘not knowing’. It is unfortunate that many, many will have no preparation, no understanding. This is when those who have more understanding will be helpful, but will find that most cannot cope with the hearing. THIS IS A MOMENT IN TIME. It is incomprehensible and frightening. Yet, this must be known, from the beginning of time this time was known – not in the form it is now but knowing that there would be eons before this time came.

     You are beginning to see changes unheard of and there will be sights unseen until this present time. GLORY, there will be GLORY IN SIGHT AND SOUND. We are aware how frightening this can be but as hard as it is to hear, you chose to be born and a participant. Have Faith In Your Inner Self and the Love that resides there.”



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