February 19, 2017

     “Peace be to you. Another step forward. Listen. There are so many signs in the Sky and yes, covered by rain and snow in many places. It is at these times that ‘looking’ with eyes closed at the inner front part of the brain behind the forehead, keeping the mind relaxed, there are many symbols which can appear. It is INNER LOOKING. Watch quietly and see if there is an intended message or symbols to be thought on at a later time. Again, notice that this takes quiet time. To some the directions seem too simple, but there is great depth in what is to be learned. It is too easy to get distracted by other things and yet right in front of you is information to be learned. Notice that does not take any additional patterns of what to do, or particular sounds, it simply is to carve out a time to sit quietly and look with the Inner Eye. It is also a good idea to take notes after your viewing for it is difficult to see them the same way again. God gave help for learning and guidance in a way it cannot be taken from you. It is there inside the head. Don’t let other thoughts intrude, simply be an observer. LOOK AND LEARN.



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