February 19, 2017

     “Prepare Your Mind has been said. This is easy to say but not easy to do. Think of it as a Balancing Act. The Unknown is sometimes thought of as a challenge but also a disturbing thought for many others. The excuses are well known – ‘makes me nervous’, ‘not enough time’, ‘I’m too busy’, etc. Earth people have received this guidance for so many times that for many not much thought is given to trying. In the time that is being talked of the lack of trying will be regretted and it will be too late to ‘catch up’. Calmness is not easy for many people. How do you think progress can be made? You may ask ‘what kind of progress’? That can only be answered individually. Now to THOUGHT. The mind must be reeled in when action begins. The speed will perhaps be shocking and it may be like watching a movie with no feeling of control. Let that pass with no fear, but begin to take a breath and concentrate on Guidance.

     We have multitude numbers of Beings who know their role and will reach out with a word or a short sentence but of course there must be ROOM FOR THEM TO HEAR AND STEADINESS AND STRENGTH. These are The KEY WORDS.


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