February 19, 2017

   “I would like to speak boldly, meaning no sugar coating. There are not enough people who are being serious about what is coming. The 2012 that manifested in a different way disturbed many who thought the major time had come. There were changes but for the most part they were not noticed or not known. It is frustrating to see needed advice glanced at and then forgotten. Whether or not the information given now in this time is reaching out to others is hard to decipher.

   The word Chaos, a heavy word, yet many readers scan past it. It is just too heavy for its magnitude to be recognized. It is difficult for people to be guided through a maze, a self imposed block. Too late the realization will be known. Stay steady. The need will grow. As the days fly by, the saga of Life speeds up. This has been foretold but it is just now being understood. It is an on going speed pattern, but seldom noticed. The predictions will show and then disappear. The first outline of the new area will respond to outer ship’s Captains. The purpose and the growing list have been stated. Honor those who help not, but those who are directly donating the messages.



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