February 20, 2017

     “There are more here, I am not alone. We speak as our guidance tells us though we have a general idea of the subject matter. Listen well those of you who read these words. When there is anger, turmoil grows and grows. This in turn affects the attitude that manifests. This is easy to see and is known. The difference is the effect it has on the mental aspect. This is not new, but what is new is the way the turmoil grows and the effect that can spin out of control. This is when bizarre behavior takes over. When a totally new, previously unknown action manifests it can cause dangerous reactions. This is why we urge calmness and careful mental control. The question may occur asking how can we prepare for that which is new. You must set aside evaluations, meaning, trying to understand or analyze happenings.”                                                   


     May we speak. We come to funnel our thought. Stop when the energies seem to become stronger and stronger for that is its purpose. Try not to catalog what is happening as combinations of mental steps will contain different aspects of either colored energies or extreme bolts of Light. A reminder to shade the eyes. Try not to voice fear as it is like a circle that travels in a circle and begins again and again. There will be many, many unseen Beings ready to help in any way they can. This is a beginning and a first in sending Mother Nature and its inhabitants help that brings us close to earth. We appreciate the opportunity to make this connection. (m: It is my pleasure.)



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