February 22, 2017

   “Looking forward on earth, it is a time of turmoil. However, this is not the turmoil that is ahead. We have help in getting very fine descriptions of what is coming. Unfortunately, we do not see what might be called as much interest. There is no preparation that can be given except further details of preparation, probably ignored. It is sad but the best communication has been given. We think that there will be help unbroken, but we are reminding all that there is a time limit. This again will probably be overtaken with a crossover of reading, meaning read but not given attention. There can only be so many warnings. There will be much-lamented actions. The days are flying by quickly. The action taken will come as a momentous shock that will require, as said before, STRENGTH AND CALMNESS.

   Now we move to a different subject. Helping others is a noble thing, but there must be balance in who you help and when. Some help will not be manageable and there may be a sense of loss, but know that some paths have already been chosen for some people. Not everyone can be saved. It is the path that they have chosen by their actions. This is where Strength must be manifested. The Light Will Shine, that is the most important thing to remember and it will heal. Continue on your path for you will be guided as will many others. PRACTICE FAITH. We will continue tomorrow. Be At Peace.


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