MESSAGE 1,189 ~ RETURN TO NORMAL / Not Possible

February 23, 2017

     “We come. We are here. The need for sleep sometimes comes at odd moments. The need of the body comes at odd times. We speak of the time ahead. We see the need for strength as has been said. It will be necessary to strengthen the body, to face what needs to be done. We can say this over and over and still, there is puzzlement at the newness and what must be done. Those who want to immediately return to what is normal will find this is not possible. It is best to bear the moments as they come. Major happenings cannot be expected to step back into normal happenings, yet you will try. Take Steps Slowly. There will not be the available guidance or knowing what to do. EACH PERSON MUST FOLLOW THEIR OWN GUIDANCE AND NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN EMOTION. We will see and send help needed by sending mental health. The difficult times will cease but for all beings, it will take strength. Blessed Be.


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